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Thursday, December 9

Canada is Bilingual

Okay, so I had no idea that Canada is officially bilingual! Did you know that? I can't believe I didn't know that.

So it's English and French which makes sense because Quebec is a French speaking province. Of course most people around here admit to not knowing any French which leads me to believe that the only reason Canada is bilinigual is because of Quebec.

I've been picking up some French while I've been here. For example:
  • des flocons sucres et croquants accompagnes de grappes de granola a l'avoine et au miel, et de raisins secs dodus - sweet, crunchy flakes with oat and honey granola clusters and plump raisins
  • lait ecreme - skim milk
  • melasse qualite fantaisie - fancy molasses
  • huile d'olive - olive oil
  • extrait de vanille pure - pure vanilla extract
Everything sold here has to be labeled in English and French. It was a little frustrating at first at the grocery store. I had to take time to reach up and turn the bottle around so I could read it in English! Well, at least there was English.

Then there was the time I was shopping for pants. I kept seeing tags that I thought had "Tall" written on the label. That's a big deal for me because pants are never long enough for me. But when I held them up to see if they'd be long enough, they never were! None of them were! I eventually, after ten minutes, realized it wasn't the word "Tall" but "Taille" which means "size" in French.


Blogger revbill said...

That's cool! Now you can parle en fracais -- hablo en espaniol -- and speak in english! Just don't get like me -- 30 years after 4 years of high school French and 26 years after 2 years of college Spanish I get confused with the vocabulary -- so neither is very good -- but I can speak "franish" pretty well!

6:18 AM


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