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Wednesday, December 8

Bottling Wine

Rob and I went with Dave and Claudia to bottle wine last night. There are places here where you can make your own wine. I'm not going to use technical words to describe it so I hope you can follow me. Anyway, you can go to these stores and pick out the kind of wine you want. They do whatever to make it into wine and let it ferment for 6 weeks. After 6 weeks it's ready to be bottled. Dave and Claudia make their own wine every year and make enough for Christmas presents and gifts throughout the year. They got about 120 bottles from their batch; half was a reisling and the other half was a white merlot. It's actually a good deal. We went with them to bottle the wine, cork it, put the labels on the top and on the bottle. It was fun!


Blogger karin said...

that's super cool looking. makes me thirsty. and i don't even like wine!

1:00 AM

Blogger revbill said...

Will you be able to transport some across the border for Christmas presents -- like for your favorit uncle?

6:11 AM


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