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Sunday, December 5

The Bee Conversation

Rob and I had just got home and sat down when all of a sudden...

...bzzzzz, bzzz, bzzz, bzzzzzzzzzz, bzzzz...

Me: Do you hear that? Is it a bee? Can you see it? It IS a bee, Rob it's a bee, what should we do?!
Rob: I dunno.
Me: Well, we can't just let it stay in here while we sleep! What should we do? Think of something.
Rob: I can't think of anything.

So what did we do? The bee flies into one of the lamp shades of our lamp pictured above. I grab a thick sheet of paper and trap the bee in.

Me: Ok, the bee's trapped in there. Unplug the lamp and let's take it outside.
Rob: The whole lamp?
Me: Yeah.
Rob: It's heavy.
Me: You didn't have a better idea.

Slowly and very carefully we walk to the door. I shake the lamp to get the bee out.
Me: Is it out? Did you see it fly out? Where did it go? I don't see it. AAARRRGGGHHHH!!!

I turned the paper over and saw the bee. I scared myself, Rob, and the bee that finally flew away.


Blogger revbill said...

Most wives of men with Hayes blood in them will say that Rob's reaction was a typical one of the males in our family! :)And yours is probably typical of the women who marry them! :)

6:31 AM

Blogger Patricia said...

You're funny. So the women who marry Hayes men are full of energy and a bit controling?

5:35 PM

Blogger revbill said...

Now I did not say that! :)
I was just joking about it being "Hayes men" -- actually "the husband who does not react to problems as their wife thinks they sould" is pretty typical of most marrigaes. I think it's a thing of people thingking everyone should react to what they see as problems like they do -- and not understanding why some people don't. See how much trouble a little bee can get you in to? Maybe I should quit before I get "stung"!

6:21 AM

Blogger Patricia said...

Yeah, I know. I was just kidding.

9:04 PM

Blogger karin said...

alright. THAT was hysterical! i pictured you and rob the entire time. My favorite line was "i can't think of anything." i dunno.....i could just hear rob dryly say that.

come back soon! i miss you guys!

1:02 AM


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