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Thursday, December 23

Remind me to NEVER, EVER, NEVER...

...ever go to the Florida Mall on December 23 ever again!! I spent 45 minutes in the car waiting in line to get out of the mall. Why do I do crazy things like that?

Wednesday, December 22

Mailing Our Junk Home

Mailing our junk home
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We're in Seattlle. But before we got here we had to stop in Blaine, just over the border, to mail a bunch of our junk home. Four boxes of stuff. How did we get so much stuff? We didn't buy anything really! Incredible. Anyway, we packed all our stuff in the car, took it to the post office and repacked it into boxes.

Tomorrow we fly to Orlando.

Monday, December 20


Well, we've had a week of vacation this past week and now we're packing up to go. Here's a brief run down of our vacation time.

View from hotel
Whistler - Sundy through Tuesday
We went to Whistler for a couple of nights. It was so much fun. No, I didn't go skiing which was hard because I like to ski. But I figured it wouldn't be a good thing with my health right now. So I watched the skiers and snow boarders coming down the hill for awhile. The drive up there was beautiful and the weather was perfect. Monday it snowed! Tuesday is rained while we came home. We just hung out in the village and enjoyed the snow covered mountains and the atmoshpere. We had dinner at Splitz Grill as recommened by Amanda and Derek who used to live there. Thanks for the tip guys. They have great burgers! Yum. The photo above is the view from our hotel room. The one below is in Whistler Village while it was snowing!
Me in Whistler

We stopped at Brackendale on the way home from Whistler. This town is the winter home of bald eagles who live up north. We saw about 50 bald eagles hanging out in the trees or eating salmon on the river bank. Very cool! This photo has 6 eagles in the trees.
Bald Eagles

Victoria - Thursday
I went to Victoria with Claudia while Rob chilled at home. I got up at 6:30 am so we could catch the 9 am ferry to Vancouver Island. The ferry is 90 min and the ride through the Gulf Islands was very nice. Then we caught a bus to Victoria which was 45 minutes. Victoria is a pretty and very British looking city. It's the capital of British Columbia. We walked around town, had afternoon tea and then dinner at The Sticky Wicket. We caught the 9 pm ferry back and were home by 11:30 pm. The photo is capitol building in Victoria.

Vancouver - Friday
One last good bye to downtown Vancouver. We went to the Vancouver Art Gallery. The top floor was dedicated to works of Emily Carr, an artist and writer from Victoria. There was also a special exhibit, Massive Change: The Future of Global Design. It was great! Then we drove around Stanley Park to view the city lights one more time.
Vancouver lights

It was a good week.

Sunday, December 19

Christmas Party

Idea Lab team
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TruthMedia has their Christmas party December 9th. It was fun. This is a picture of the Idea Lab team that Rob worked with, along with spouses. They're a fun group.

Thursday, December 9

Canada is Bilingual

Okay, so I had no idea that Canada is officially bilingual! Did you know that? I can't believe I didn't know that.

So it's English and French which makes sense because Quebec is a French speaking province. Of course most people around here admit to not knowing any French which leads me to believe that the only reason Canada is bilinigual is because of Quebec.

I've been picking up some French while I've been here. For example:
  • des flocons sucres et croquants accompagnes de grappes de granola a l'avoine et au miel, et de raisins secs dodus - sweet, crunchy flakes with oat and honey granola clusters and plump raisins
  • lait ecreme - skim milk
  • melasse qualite fantaisie - fancy molasses
  • huile d'olive - olive oil
  • extrait de vanille pure - pure vanilla extract
Everything sold here has to be labeled in English and French. It was a little frustrating at first at the grocery store. I had to take time to reach up and turn the bottle around so I could read it in English! Well, at least there was English.

Then there was the time I was shopping for pants. I kept seeing tags that I thought had "Tall" written on the label. That's a big deal for me because pants are never long enough for me. But when I held them up to see if they'd be long enough, they never were! None of them were! I eventually, after ten minutes, realized it wasn't the word "Tall" but "Taille" which means "size" in French.

Wednesday, December 8

Bottling Wine

Rob and I went with Dave and Claudia to bottle wine last night. There are places here where you can make your own wine. I'm not going to use technical words to describe it so I hope you can follow me. Anyway, you can go to these stores and pick out the kind of wine you want. They do whatever to make it into wine and let it ferment for 6 weeks. After 6 weeks it's ready to be bottled. Dave and Claudia make their own wine every year and make enough for Christmas presents and gifts throughout the year. They got about 120 bottles from their batch; half was a reisling and the other half was a white merlot. It's actually a good deal. We went with them to bottle the wine, cork it, put the labels on the top and on the bottle. It was fun!

Tuesday, December 7

The Switch

We finally made the swith the other day. Yes, we started using our heaving winter coats.

Monday, December 6

Snow...Woo Hoo!

It's been snowing today. I was really hoping it would snow before we left and it did! Rob blogged about the snow this morning. It's not sticking but it's still pretty.

Sunday, December 5

The Bee Conversation

Rob and I had just got home and sat down when all of a sudden...

...bzzzzz, bzzz, bzzz, bzzzzzzzzzz, bzzzz...

Me: Do you hear that? Is it a bee? Can you see it? It IS a bee, Rob it's a bee, what should we do?!
Rob: I dunno.
Me: Well, we can't just let it stay in here while we sleep! What should we do? Think of something.
Rob: I can't think of anything.

So what did we do? The bee flies into one of the lamp shades of our lamp pictured above. I grab a thick sheet of paper and trap the bee in.

Me: Ok, the bee's trapped in there. Unplug the lamp and let's take it outside.
Rob: The whole lamp?
Me: Yeah.
Rob: It's heavy.
Me: You didn't have a better idea.

Slowly and very carefully we walk to the door. I shake the lamp to get the bee out.
Me: Is it out? Did you see it fly out? Where did it go? I don't see it. AAARRRGGGHHHH!!!

I turned the paper over and saw the bee. I scared myself, Rob, and the bee that finally flew away.

Friday, December 3

Starbucks vs Other Cafes

I'm going to admit that I'm not crazy about Starbucks. I know some of you are SHOCKED at that statement. Like my friend Karin who likes to visit every Starbucks possible, owns all the Starbucks paraphanalia, knows all the people who work at the Starbucks near her, has a Starbucks credit card and would probably live there given the chance. Or my mom and step-father who are also in love with Starbucks.

I think it's because I don't like to do what everyone does, and in this case it's going to Starbucks.. That's part of my rebellious nature. I refuse to be like everyone else. Plus their coffee tastes burnt. But I think most of all I'm not crazy about Starbucks because there is nothing cozy or comfortable about them. Sure some of them have a few sofa chairs but for the most part their chairs are uncomfortable and their tables small. And they're all decorated the same so there's nothing unique about them.

Ok so Starbucks isn't all that bad but I prefer cafes that are unique and those tend to me more cozy or comfortable. If I was at home in Orlando it would be Barnies even though they are another chain and aren't really cozy. But I like their coffee better. Since we've been here in British Columbia I've noticed there are TONS of cafes everywhere and of course a Starbucks on every corner.

Which reminds me of the movie Best In Show. I highly recommend it but let me just warn you the sense of humor is very different. Nonetheless I love it! In the movie a couple describe how they met at Starbucks. The woman was at one Starbucks and she saw the guy sitting in the Starbucks across the street. So the guy decided it was okay for him to try the Starbucks across the street so he could meet the woman. And they lived happily ever after going to Starbucks.

So back to cafes around here that aren't Starbucks. We love them. They sell breakfast bagels, which are very good I might add, and lunch and dinner too. Plus not only can you have coffee drinks, you can also get wine and beer as well. A bit odd I think but, whatever. I've found a few that I like to go to because they are cozy and comfortable.

There's The Wired Monk which has a nice atmosphere with a fireplace and a few cozy chairs. And the people are all very nice and ask me about hockey all the time since Tampa won the Stanley Cup this past year. Not that I know anything about hockey plus most of the team was from Canada anyway. Then there's the place next to my doctors office which I really love, also with comfy sofas and a fire place. An added bonus is that my latte there comes with a stick of chocolate! Can't complain about that! This morning we went to Spill The Beans in Fort Langley. Not so comfy but it has a homey feel to it and it's unique.

Obviously being here has brought out my inner coffee habit which I normally suppress. Don't worry, I drink decaf most of the time so I'm not a big ball of hyper walking around (which would really annoy Rob). I just love the taste of coffee and have since I was little and my family let me taste cafe con leche in Puerto Rico. It had tons of milk and sugar in it. Come to think of it, I was probably drinking sweet milk with just a drop of coffee in it!

Anyway, I'm going to miss the cafes around here. They are hard to find in Orlando.

Thursday, December 2

Jesus and the Salmon Store

Rob and I went downtown on Sunday to look for salmon gifts and we went into Salmon Village off Robson street. We had already compared prices and decided that the touristy salmon store actually had the best prices.

We bought what we wanted but we ended up having a great conversation with Rob, the guy working there. He was really friendly and talkative and ended up asking where we were from. We told him we were from Florida working here for a few months. So are you intenational drug dealers, he asked. I laughed and said no, we were working with Campus Crusade.

That lead into a great conversation about what Campus Crusade is and what we were doing and then we started talking about spiritual stuff. Of course we're talking while at the same time Rob and I are looking around deciding what to buy. There was noone else in the store so it wasn't that hard. I enjoyed talking to him. He was very straight forward and so were we, and he kept asking questions.

Unfortunately our parking meter was about to run out so we couldn't stay much longer. He knew that we were committed to ministry on the internet so before leaving I gave him the address of The Life so he could check it out and get a Gospel presentation there. I'll probably go back to the salmon store before we leave to get a few more things and I pray here's there so I can continue our conversation. This time I'll make sure there's more time on the parking meter.