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Tuesday, November 9


This morning at 8:30 am the price of gas was 99.2 cents a litre, which is $3.72 a gallon. A few hours later at 10:15 am the price of gas was 74.6 cents a litre, which is $2.80 a gallon. That's almost a dollar difference! What's up with that? Apparently the price of gas changes continually during the day with it being higher in the morning and in the evening. Interesting.


Blogger the salmon said...

another good tip about buying gas in this area is never buy from Friday to Monday (if possible, always buy mid-week)...they always seem to raise the prices for the weekend (makes sense) and then by Monday they haven't quite gone back down yet.

I also noticed about those high price difference this week and thankfully waited it out and got it for 69.4 cents!!! cuz it was listed as 72.9 and then you get 3.5 cents off at the pumps (thats something most gas stations seem to have done for the last 6 months or so).

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