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Wednesday, November 17

Our Car

Rob and carHere's the car that someone so graciously and anonymously lent to us while in Canada. We have a friend who's father is a pastor in the Seattle area. Someone from his church donated the car to the church so we could borrow it. It's been a great little car. It's an '89 Honda Accord. It has a few quirks, but nothing we can't live with. The car likes to lock the doors at random times, sometimes the driver side door locks from the inside and sometimes is doesn't, and the passenger side door only opens from the outside. So the passenger either has to wait for the driver to walk around and open the door or they have to roll down the window, reach out and open the door from the outside and roll the window back up. We've gotten used to it. We're just glad we have something to drive.

Last night we got another car that someone at Crusade has let us borrow. We were fine with one car but having a second car wil make my life much easier. It's a sporty little car and it's only 2 years old. God has provided for us in amazing ways on this trip. Thanks God!


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