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Monday, November 8

One Of Those Days

Yeah, it was one of those days when I don't know what to do with myself. Those kind of days don't happen to me very often. But I got up late this rmorning and laid in bed while I thought about what I could do with the rest of the day. I can't bake all day because then I end up making tons of sweets that I eat which aren't good for me. Then Rob eats a lot of sweets, gains weight, and then complains about gaining weight. I can't go to the mall because:
1) I wouldn't be able to buy anything because no money
2) I can't buy more stuff that needs to be mailed home in December
3) Nothing ever fits right because pants are never long enough for me
4) I'm just not in a shopping mood.

So I bummed around for awhile and then decided to go window shopping. I baked cookies when I got home.


Blogger rob said...

...and i gained weight.


1:28 AM

Blogger Andrew said...

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2:11 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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2:16 AM

Blogger Zadowsky said...

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2:23 AM

Blogger westcoastloon said...

I've come to commiserate about the short pant thing. Nothing worse than not-long-enough pants. If you find yourself with another day with too much time in it, grab the car and head down to Tall Girl on Hornby street in Vancouver. They have tall pants and really, really tall pants. I actually tried on a pair there once and they were TOO LONG. It was crazy. TG is a speciality shop, so not the cheapest option, but it can be theraputic just to know that the long pants are out there :) ~ Claire

2:25 PM

Blogger westcoastloon said...

Mmmm, Rob just told me that some of the cookies you baked were here at the office for TruthMedia people. You make great cookies! Thanks! ~ Claire (munchmunchmunch)

5:31 PM

Blogger ehskeri said...

Hey! Why are "authors" and "Bolg Administrators" removing posts?

12:55 PM

Blogger ehskeri said...

The baking and gaining weight thing... probably the main reason I haven't seriosly started thinking about opening a bakery. I'd like to be my own boss, but I don't want a 300lb boss.

12:57 PM


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