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Friday, November 5

My Sunshine

I'm used to almost everyday being a sunny day. And I love being outside. Today was a beautiful, crisp, sunny (but still cold) day. No rain at all. It was probably the same temperature today as on rainy days, but there's something about the cold rainy days here that are miserable. It feels so much colder when it rains. So I decided this afternoon that I needed to take advantage of the sun as much as possible. Or what was left of it because it was 3 PM already. I went to the Wired Monk for coffee and to do my Bible study homework, and I decided to sit outside. It was nice to have the sun shining on my face, even if for a little while in 50 degree weather. Ahhh...I'm remembering it right now.

3:05 Sitting down outside with my drink. It's nice out here.
3:15 I zip up my hoodie (for you Americans, that's a hooded sweatshirt) and button up my coat. A little chilly.
3:23 I put my gloves on. Do you know how hard it is to write with gloves on? Getting cold.
3:30 I pack up to go inside. I'm just too cold.


Blogger ehskeri said...

They call them hoddies in America too.

12:52 PM

Blogger Patricia said...

I guess since I'm from Florida I didn't know that since we don't have much use for them in warm weather.

3:23 AM


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