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Monday, November 22

It Feels Like Christmas!

It feels like Christmas time already! Normally it wouldn't feel like Christmas until December but not now. Rob wrote why here. I agree with him. It's already cold, much colder than it would be in Orlando, and Christmas stuff has been in the stores since we got here mid-September! Plus we've already celebrated Thanksgiving (Canadian) in October. The Christmas lights came out a few weeks ago - and I laughed last year when our neighbors put out Christmas lights the first weekend of November. So it's cold, Thanksgiving is passed and Christmas lights are out. That can only mean that it's Christmas.

Honestly, I think it's nice having the Christmas season start a little earlier here. It doesn't feel as rushed as normal. Instead of having less than a month to get ready for Christmas, starting after Thanksgiving (American), you get over a month to prepare.

Now it just needs to snow before we leave. It did smell like snow the other day.


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