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Sunday, November 28

I Won, I Won!

I won a bottle of wine at a Christmas party, in November, hosted by people we had never met before!

Last night we went out to dinner with Dave and Claudia upstairs and then went to their friends Christmas party. Let me just say that while dinner was great the best part was dessert - a warm chocolate souffle with chocolate sauce inside and a scoop of ice cream. I really enjoy fine food.

The party was good even though we didn't know anyone and had just met the host. They had games during the party and one of them was to guess type, country and year of the mystery wine. I won the red wine! It was a 2002 Shiraz from Australia. The funny thing is that I'm not crazy about Shiraz. But I do love winning!


Blogger rob said...

It was by far the best Christmas party in November I've ever been to.

12:40 AM

Blogger *JuLiA-MaRiJu-MaRy* said...

As I read you are from South America!
Well I'm form Argentina!!
I'm 15 and i wold like to have contact with you if you want.
I liked your comment,it was funny...
Who don't like to win??Jaj
Well good blog and god look
I'm sorry if a wrote something on a wrong way,but Im new on this ENGLISH thing!!

8:08 PM


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