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Thursday, November 25

CBC Diagnosed

On Thanksgiving Rob diagnosed me as suffering from CBC. It only bothers me every so often, but when it does it can be such a pain. It tends to flare up mostly when I’m sitting down. Even Rob suffers from it occasionally. It really intrudes on our freedoms making CBC more of an annoyance than a problem. Thankfully the cure just involves changing habits, but some habits are harder to change than others. You may suffer from CBC too, but don’t know about it. It probably affects millions of people worldwide!

CBC stands for Cross Browser Compatibility and affects my computer and not my health. So don’t worry, I don’t have any new health issues! I started using a new browser, Safari, instead of Internet Explorer because it’s supposed to be better with a Mac. But this morning I discovered it doesn’t always work properly so I have to go back to using Internet Explorer with some websites. That’s when Rob informed me that my problem is Cross Browser Compatibility.


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