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Sunday, November 14

Book Before Movie?

I was in a small independent bookstore this afternoon looking for a good book. After flipping through a certain book I finally asked the lady at the counter if she had read it. "Oooh nooooo. I'm waiting to see the movie first!" Really? I think I said that aloud. But then I thought to myself, she works at a bookstore and doesn't want to read the book until after seeing the movie!

I love to read and I've found that when a book is made into a movie, it's not nearly as good as the book. The characters on screen are different than the ones I created in my mind. Usually the story has to be shortened and bits cut out to make it fit into a 2-3 hour movie. Even The Lord Of The Rings trilogy, believe it or not, didn't include all that was in the book even though it was pretty close. If it did it would have been a 20 hour movie all together!

I ended up buying i, Robot by Isaac Asimov. I love sci-fi. And I haven't seen the movie yet. What do you think, book or movie first?


Blogger Patricia said...

After I posted this entry I remembered that I saw the Lord of the Rings movies before reading the books! Oops! But that was because I remembered the books as scary when they were read to me in elementary school, and I don't like scary books. But after seeing the movies, I read all the books, then saw the movies again. I still prefer the books.

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