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Monday, October 4

White Rock

We went to White Rock yesterday after church. One of my co-workers, Claire, lives there and she kept telling me how great a place it is. So we went to check it out. It's about 30 minutes from Surrey.

It's a nice beach town with a long boardwalk, pier, and shops and places to eat along the boardwalk. It was a great sunny day to go. I didn't see the beach though. Apparently it was high tide because the water came right up to the rocks. And it was COLD! But then again, I'm a wimp and won't even go in the water in Florida until August. We saw several huge purple starfish on the rocks near the pier. I'd never seen starfish in the water before. We also saw the big white rock the town named after.

For lunch we had a super healthy serving of fish and chips at Moby Dick's! Claire said it was the best and it was! But I don't think I can handle another deep fried meal for awhile, even though the best foods are always deep fried. It was a nice relaxing afternoon in another beautiful place in British Columbia.


Blogger rob said...

The best thing about Moby Dick's is that "their thing" is to give an extra piece of fish. We ordered the 3 piece and it came with 4. Now that's my kind of place!

11:46 PM


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