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Friday, October 1

Trip to the Grocery Store

After staring at the shopping cart for what felt like 5 minutes I finally decided I needed to ask for help. So I found a bag boy to help me. The look on his face was something like this: “huh? what? you need help with, okay”. It turns out that the coin goes into the handle sideways, then the key gets pushed in, and after all that I can finally unlock it from the other cart! I know grocery stores do this in the U.S, but I'm not used to it.

I love this grocery store, Save On Foods. It's Canadian owned. I can buy everything I need in BULK! Well, maybe not everything, but just about.

Today I purchased in bulk:
  • chocolate chip cookie mix (just add water, not bad but I won't buy it again, they also had other cookie mixes)
  • candy corn (for Rob)
  • basil
  • bay leaves
  • croutons
Other bulk items I didn't purchase:
  • all kinds of seasonings
  • 10 different types of rice
  • 10 different types of soup mixes
  • all kinds of candy and nuts
  • pasta
I can't wait to buy more stuff in bulk!


Blogger karin said...

ahhh....you bought him the candy corn you knew from the blog that he wanted!!! What a SWEETheart.

what a dutiful blogg(ess) you are :-)

12:35 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Patricia..Valerie in Budapest here. I got to your blog through tom and Rob's blog. I just want to thank you for having an interesting blog that deals with important issues! Tom has tried to get me into this but somehow all the discussion of sports and computers hasn't done it for me. Thank you thank you for helping me make sense of this blog thing. NOW I see why it is fun!! (:)) So interesting to see into the dark recesses of your mind. Hee Hee!

2:35 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Trisha,
I'm posting anonymously so I don't have to do that "sign in" crap. So, I've shopped at a Save On. I wish I could remember where... There was this one store in Bangkok called Big C. The logo looked kinda like Big K for Kmart, but, of course, it was a C. And it was 5 floors of stuff. Like Kmart/walmart/target type stuff. 5 huge floors. Are there Save On in the US or New Zealand?

5:58 PM

Blogger Patricia said...

Nope, no Save On in the US or NZ, only western Canada. Bummer. It's a grocery store AND health food store combined.

2:14 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, it's Lera...don't know if my blogging is working or not. Too cool about the cookies oh, and, as I type...I am eating candy corn!!! Like brother, like sister!!! We miss you and Lera Martha was really excited today when she realized that your birthday was soon and that you would be here (SC) for Christmas! Love ya, Lera

11:36 PM


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