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Wednesday, October 20

My Trip Back To the US

I went to the States today to run errands, refill meds, go to the post office. Can I just tell you that getting into the US isn't easy? Not driving anyway. I think the US customs official thought we were playing 20 questions. It all started when he asked me where I live. That's a complicated question that raised all kinds of red flags. I live in Orlando, but am working in BC for a few months and I'm driving a car that belongs to a guy in Seattle.

Customs guy: You're from Orlando? Who's car are you driving?
Me: A friend is lending it to us while we're here.
(He gave me a weird look)
Me: I have a letter from the owner.
Customs guy: Can I see it and the registration. Turn off your car and pop the trunk.
(Someone else searched the trunk. He looked through the paperwork and letter from the car owner)
Customs guy: This letter says the car is lent to Rob Williams.
Me: He's my husband.
Customs guy: Do you have proof he's your husband?
Me: Uh...no. I can call him.

I left out all the other questions. Fortunately I had another letter from CCC Canada that proved Rob really is my husband. Don't worry, we're getting the letter from the car owner changed to add my name. It was a little stressful, but I'm not upset because I know he was just doing his job - terrorism and all. Apparently there is also a problem with BC Bud (marijuana) coming into the US from Canada here. When Rob went back the States a couple of weeks ago they asked him to get out of the car so they could do a complete search.

A Canadian asked us the other day what it was like living in the US with all the strict rules and searches. Huh? It's just like living in Canada, I thought. I didn't understand why he would ask that until I crossed the border. The officials at the entrance to the US are tough, ask a lot of questions, and have all the intimidating gear on. They don't even say good morning or have a good day. Getting into Canada, however, is a whole different story. The Canadian border officials are friendly and don't ask as many questions.

I won't go back to the States unless I have to while we're here. It's too much of a hassle. But I don't want the border officials to be less thorough just because it's not comfortable for me.


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