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Monday, October 25


It's officially cold here now. This morning when we woke up for church it was about 35 degrees. The high was 50 degrees I think. It's been in the low 50's for the last week and usually raining or cloudy or drizzling, which makes it feel even colder. I see it's still in the mid 80's in Orlando. Aaahhh...I long for days of warmth. No worries, I'm getting used to it. What's nice is that I can come back to our place and turn on the gas fire place which warms the place up nicely! And the even better part of cold weather is that I can once again enjoy my down comforter which, of course, I made sure to bring with us. I could lay in bed all day with my comfy down comforter.


Blogger ehskeri said...

Oh man, 35! I am freezing over here. Freezing! I don't know what I'm going to do. Maybe buy long underwear. So the weather is most always cloudy and drizzly?

5:41 PM


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