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Thursday, September 23

Loonies and Toonies?

This morning, while I was getting coffee at The Wired Monk coffee shop, the guy working there taught me some Canadian slang. It was exciting! Okay, so I learned that the Canadian one dollar coin is called a "loonie". The two dollar coin is called a "toonie". Wanna know why? Glad you asked, I'll tell you. The "loonie" has the loon bird on one side. Hence the nickname loonie. Then then two dollar coin came out and of course it needed a nickname. So it got the name toonie to rhyme with loonie. I like having one and two dollar coins.


Blogger rob said...

A guy on the raido said it was like the 9 year anniversary of one of those coins. The other person on the station said "I've been leaning as I walk ever since"!

I don't like the dollar coins. Too easy to lose.

10:44 AM

Blogger ehskeri said...

I always loved the two dollar coins in Australia. I love their size and the weight of them and the sound they make when they clink together. The sound is kind of like that of when marbles click together.

2:21 PM


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