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Thursday, September 23

From Orlando to Canada

Okay, so Rob and I are living in Surrey, British Columbia for 3 1/2 months. Surrey is a suburb of Vancouver. It's really pretty here and the view of the mountains are awesome. It's very different from Orlando, where we normally live. We've been here 5 days so far. Being here is interesting, because so many things are similar to the US, and then there are of course different things.

I thought I would freeze going from 90 degree weather to 60 degree weather overnight. Oops, I meant 15 degrees celcius! Whatever the number, I'm actually enjoying the cool weather. And forget miles per hour, we have to pay attention to kilometers! Those are the tiny little numbers on the speedometer that we never pay attention, until now. At the deli counter everything is priced by grams. But then the veggies are priced by the pound. Hhhmmm...not sure why the difference. Oh, and gas is by the liter, and it's expensive! Having previously lived in a country that uses the metric system, I should know all this stuff already. But that was a long time ago and it's slowly coming back to me. And the hand converter program on my Palm is also helping me.


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