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Sunday, September 26

Driving in Circles

I drove in circles this morning while Rob took pictures. We wanted to go west over the Port Mann bridge to take a picture of the view and the logs sitting in the river. I drove over the bridge, got off the highway onto another highway, not really knowing where I was going. Ten minutes later I found a place to turn around (I didn't U-turn because we were told they were illegal in Canada) and I headed back east over the bridge towards home. I should have followed Rob's directions (sorry Rob) and because I didn't we ended up going over the bridge again.

Half an hour later I was driving over the Port Mann bridge again, while Rob took pictures, again. This time I knew which exit to get use so I could quickly turn around. I got lost again and it took another 5 minutes to turn around. We finally made it home an hour later. I'll never do that again!


Blogger rob said...

Sorry to bug you with my "Look kids, Big Ben, Parliment" joke.

But I did feel like that! LOL!

11:44 PM


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